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World class design


Our Creative Director Klas Holm

received recognition in the 2016

Wallpaper Design Awards. His

own home is one of five “Best

New Private Houses” in the



Klas is responsible for our

“Look & Feel” department.

He is the one you see when

you want to create a world

class visual impression.


Need we say more?




Fredrik revolutionised the office coffee service industry through the establishment of

Kaffeknappen in 1994. When the company was acquired by Nestlé in 2008, he resigned

from his position as CEO and left the company. He could see at that point that his vision

had become a reality. An espresso station in the office was the new standard. What was

once seen as a necessary evil had become a means to support the well-being of staff as

well as a tool for marketing. Today, Fredrik is hard at work on realising his next vision...





Italian Mario, or “Mr. Service”, has dedicated his life to taking care of people. His operational

base is the hotel and restaurant industry where he plays in the premier league. Mario

established the service standards for several reputable hotels and in his professional

capacity made lasting impressions on celebrities and VIP:s arround the world. Today, Mario

is in charge of training for us and for our clients. A comprehensive presentation on manners

and etiquette is never more than a phone call away.





Klas is our "Creative Director". We think he deserves an elegant title after making an indelible

mark in the digital world with the web agency Clockwork and then working with idea and concept

development in the advertising industry for more than 20 years. When Klas is not working on

experience concepts and brand matters for our clients, he enjoys the home he built himself.





Jenny is our CEO, but she is perhaps better known as a relationship expert and networking

guru who is only a step away from being connected with everybody on LinkedIn. We recommend

you go there to download her CV (there just isn’t room for it here). Jenny is a frequent lecturer

and a certified DISC analyst. Building on her experience in the field of outsourcing (from her

time with Adecco), she is responsible for our First Impression Manager training.

Jenny works with our own stable of freelancers, and when dusk falls, she goes out headhunting

on behalf of one or more of our clients.





What Daniel doesn’t know about coffee and refreshment solutions isn’t worth knowing! That

is no mystery as he worked for 15 years in the industry to build solid knowledge from scratch.

Daniel has done the rounds as installer, service technician, account manager, and sales manager.

The icing on the cake? Daniel holds a Barista Diploma.  Daniel is comfortably assured that our

clients offer their staff members and visitors the best coffee available on our planet.





Gustaf is familiar to many locals because he has been in virtually every office right across town,

providing his clients with equipment and supplies for their daily work. Gustaf knows how businesses

function behind the scenes and is therefore phenomenally good at organising service, logistics,

and processes. Gustaf is living proof that genuine involvement is the key to good relationships

and good business.





What would The First Impression Company be without its own First Impression Manager? Vera

is our role model. She is responsible for the reception function and visitor experience we ourselves

deliver in our showroom. As front desk manager and conference hostess, she has created lasting

first impressions for more than 15 years. As the saying goes: “To have met Vera is to remember Vera”.

If you need a super FIM for a particularly important event, you may borrow Vera. But, since we still

haven’t succeeded in cloning her, you must promise to return her.


Hello Anders!

Glad you made it all the way to the end.

We hope that’s your name – people are always

more positive when they are addressed by name.

The Alpha and Omega in the art of making a good

first impression! Do your receptionists know the

names of your visitors ...?